Futech introduces two new formulas for solar paneling

In a recently held event, the chairman of the Futech Company has announced the introduction of two interesting formulas, Futech Home Eco Invest and Home Eco Fix. Having been in service for more than 5 years now, the Futech Company is proud to come up with this new initiative which they hope will make “the investment in solar panels interesting and viable for everyone.”

According to sources, the Belgian company takes serious note of all the engineering and guarantees full service. They perform statistical calculations, plans and draw diagrams as well as do strength calculation when required. The company is also responsible for every administrative work concerning the application for building permit, municipal grants, and so on.

Assembling is another important aspect of the full service as per the chairman of the company. He comments, “This is always carried out by a specialized team base on the engineering steps that were completed before. Also necessary actions are taken during the assembly phase. For example, if there is a need for scaffolding or fall protection, Futech guarantees this.” Regarding service and aftercare, he further informed that the company takes care of every new system and inspection by an accredited testing organization. He added, “so that customers can enjoy carefree use of the green, we also arrange registration with the VREG. Finally, we give customers the complete service file with the diagrams and test certificates.”

Assuring customers of their high quality services the chairman affirmed, “We do not work with the cheapest panels, but with the best!” He continued, “The trained energy advisors of Futech Home work with clients to find an ideal solution for their energy needs. Our consultants examine the suitability of the roof and determine the number of panels required.”

He also revealed some probable advantages of Futech like back rotating counter, savings through energy bill, and reduced VAT rate. For more details go to http://www.futech.be/

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Futech.be is the website of the well known Belgian solar photovoltaic company, Futech. The company with more than 5 years of existence offers full services in design, project development and installation of PV Systems using high quality Photovoltaic Modules from CNPV Solar Power.

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